Imagination Sessions

Our Favorite Fantasies

You're a kindred soul If...


…your sense of adventure soars with imagination. We love working with creative souls to bring their dreams to life. Children thrill at seeing themselves cast in fairytales and imaginative settings far beyond the everyday.

Our favorite images capture spectacular moments of wonder, of awe, of exploration, with children and wide-eyed adults alike. Our Imagination Sessions begin with your ideas, which we bring to life through studio photography at our Scarborough studio or other suitable location. Then through imagination, invention, and a little bit of magic, we create truly one of a kind images that immerse you or your child in a world of enchantment.

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Our Imagination Sessions bring your dreams to life through our photography and stunning digital art, creating truly one of a kind art featuring you or your loved one.

Your fine art images will become beautiful wall art for your home. Our most dramatic images become truly stunning wall art pieces on canvas or metal, fit to hang in the Louvre.. 



Sessions start at $385 with families spending an average of $1250. Imagination Sessions begin with a brainstorming meeting and consultation, a tour through our costume closet and even a little online shopping to find just the right details for your images.


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