Why are photographs so important? 

Our oldest daughter Bryleigh drags her favorite photo album all over our home. She shows her little sister the same pictures, and tells the same stories about her first bike, her late papa, friends and pets and how mommy and daddy used to look. To her it’s the best kind of storybook: one filled with pictures, and all about her life!

We think we remember every detail of my wedding, until Bryleigh & Everly plop that photo album on our desk and show me pictures they find hilarious. We get to relive the moments with them, tell them stories I haven’t thought about in years, and I always see something I’d forgotten. I was there, after all, right in the middle of it, and still there are things I wouldn’t remember any other way.

We’ve met a lot of families through our wedding photography. Each family is unique, and each wedding has its own story, of lives brought together and moments captured forever. Sometimes those become the last images a client has of a friend or family member.

One of our favorite quotes: “If you don’t think photographs are important, wait until they’re all you have left.” - Missy MWAC

We were fortunate to meet a dad who was told by his doctor that he wouldn’t make his daughter’s wedding. He pulled through to walk her down the aisle, though he passed a few weeks later. I still cry when I come across our pictures of him.

It’s a hazard of the job. I also get misty eyed when I see our images from the first weddings after marriage equality passed in Maine, showing couples finally able to legally wed—love is love!

And love is beautiful.

Then when I edit our pictures from destination weddings abroad and throughout New England, I have to reign in my wanderlust.

Every spring our daughters anxiously await their new “yearbook” from the previous year’s adventures and revisit those books almost weekly. They point out pictures of their friends, and family members they don’t see very often, and those who are no longer with us. Sharing our lives through those images, and celebrating our love of visual storytelling, are a very proud parenting moments…as are those times they demand AC/DC or tacos!