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We interrupt your day to bring you an image I am insanely proud of!

Let me tell you something about my 5 year old. She HATES having her photo taken. I mean cries her eyes out if she has to stand in front of a camera. She is the polar opposite of her sister who will drop her signature "zoolander" at the mere mention of getting her photo taken.

That all changed after the 2nd time we saw Captain Marvel in a week. Miss E demanded her portrait but ONLY in a Captain Marvel costume. So of course, I took to Amazon and immediate put that in my cart. It arrived on Friday - to screams of delight. She had to put it on once to check the fit, the 2nd time to show Dean how great she looked. Then she announced that in the morning she would be getting her photo taken.

So saturday morning we trekked over to the studio and made her one bad-a super hero!

A bajillion photoshop layers later, lots of caffeine, and a bunch of high fives at our desk just after midnight we finished! I know there’s a few more tweaks I’d like to make, like photographing a set of doors myself and a few other small things, but I think it’s done for now (I’m out of coffee, that’s the real reason I’m done)

A Captain Marvel portrait I hope Marvel and Brie Larson would be proud of (but it's ok if they're not, because this mom is over the moon!)

Captain Marvel

by Maine Fantasy Photographer, Two Adventurous Souls

Captain Marvel - Movie Poster - WEB.jpg

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